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Dreamy Fundraisers

We're here for our community.

At Dreamy Whip, we take every opportunity to support a great cause. With that being said, we don't always know what's out there so if you have a cause or know of a great one, fill out the form below to request our support. 

The following are the threee different fundrising and donation options we offer. Please note that all funds are paid out on the 1st of the following month.

  1. Direct Donation (we can donate merchandise, giftcards, etc., but no cash)

  2. Kickback In-store - 20% of sales (this includes sales of only icecream and coffee behind the counter. It does not include giftcards, baked goods or merchandise)

  3. Mobile Kickback - 10% of sales (you must first reach the sales minimum)

Request Fundraiser

Please note this is only a request. If you have questions you can them in the form below.

Thanks for submitting!

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