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Apply to be a Dreamy Whip

Fleet Manager

Do you wear many hats? Can you juggle cones and schedules with a smile? We're looking for a one-of-a-kind individual to join our ice cream family as a Fleet Manager & Mobile Truck Driver. This isn't your average office job, it's a taste of adventure (with a generous helping of frozen treats)!

Open Interviews January 15th, 2024!

Download our application below, complete
and please hand deliver to our store.


Who we are

We're Dreamy Whip! A soft-serve ice cream shop serving both dairy and non-dairy treats to the local community. We are that friendly, local ice cream shop that families love to come to and build memories and family traditions around. We aim to always be THE number one place to go for ice cream in our local NKY community and be everyone's "symbol of summer". We also love to give back to our local community through various ways of local support. We'd love to find a fleet manager that is not only amazing at what they do, but will also help us grow on this exciting journey together. 

Who you are

  • You are someone who knows and loves Dreamy Whip!

  • Able to work with the owners to accomplish the vision and the mission of the company while representing our core values in everything you do.

  • Must be able to manage other employees including scheduling, enforcing company expectations and ensuring company Core Values are being represented at all times.

  • Must be able to work with other employees, managers and customers to facilitate a fun, caring, cooperative work environment and customer service experience.

  • Work well in stressful situations

  • Excellent communication and customer service skills

  • Comfortable taking on responsibility 

  • Great at working independently

  • Trustworthy and able to make good use of company time

  • Strong attention to detail and a willingness to learn

  • You have flexible hours and can work on the weekends

  • Have a valid driver's license and a clean driving record

  • Comfortable driving large vehicles

  • Also willing to work in the store on occasion

  • Last, but not least, Must Love Ice Cream!

What you'll do

  • Drive all mobile trucks

  • Managing day to day up-keep of the physical food truck by creating and following a daily checklist. (EX: fuel needs, generator needs etc.) 

  • Managing monthly and mileage up keep of the physical food truck by creating and following this checklist. (EX: tires, oil changes etc)

  • Managing and ensuring internal cleanliness of the entire food truck by creating and following and internal check lists including steps for breaking down the truck.

  • Maintain good records of all maintenance of the food truck.

  • Create and improve systems for making the truck more efficient and profitable.

  • Create and continually tweak par expectations based on sales history and experience taking all event specifications and details into considerations.

  • Write and post schedules in a timely manner.

  • Ensure all orders are in on Mondays for the truck inventory.

  • Create clear cleaning, setting up and breaking down checklist for helpers to follow.

  • Work with the management team to set monthly sales goals for the truck.

  • Work with the owners to ensure the truck meets those monthly sales goals.

  • Work with the owner to develop product and staffing pars and expectations based on the size and scope of the event.

  • Communicate clearly with events director about experiences at all events to help narrow down ongoing needs.

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